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Option 1: UoH Campus Accommodation

We have several guest houses (campus accommodation) available on the University of Hyderabad (UoH) campus itself, many very close to the conference venue and some at a distance of about one kilometre from the venue. Most of the rooms in these guesthouses are double occupancy or triple occupancy rooms. There are a few single occupancy rooms, but they are not necessarily the best rooms. Taken together, we will be able to accommodate 150 to 170 participants in the guest house rooms.

The guest house is primarily meant for occasional visitors to the University. So, they provide clean, but very basic facilities such as beds, attached bathroom (no bath tub, only shower/bucket, western style toilet, geysers for hot water), fan/AC, provision for using mosquito repellent, cupboards, table and chair.

As the accommodation on the campus is limited, we prefer not to offer double and triple occupancy rooms as single occupancy rooms. However, if there are only very few takers for campus accommodation, we may be able to offer a few double occupancy rooms as single occupancy rooms. This means, those who opt for campus accommodation should be prepared for sharing one’s room with another person.

While the facilities in the rooms will be limited, campus accommodation gives you a huge, beautiful, air and sound pollution- free open space to go for long walks, hang out together and so on.

Campus accommodation can cost you something between 105 to 500 INR (Indian Rupees) (approximately 1.5 to 6 euros) per person per day depending on if one opts for a triple occupancy room or a double occupancy room. Please note that these are rough estimates.Please note that payments will have to be made by you directly and in Indian rupees at the guest house office.

The allotment of rooms will be done by us based on your requirements, considerations of age and health, additional responsibility one has as an IC member, and on ‘first come first served’ basis.

If you want to stay on the campus you must fill in the application form and let us know the following:

  1. What kind of accommodation you prefer- a single, double or a triple occupancy room?
  2. Do you have an accompanying person?
  3. If you are coming alone and prefer a shared accommodation, who do you want to share your room with?
  4. Are you a person with special needs? If yes, what kind of facility would you need?

Pictures of rooms in UoH campus guest houses:

Single seater
Fig.1 - Single room.
Double seater
Fig.2 - Double occupancy room.
Another view of Double seater
Fig.3 -Another view of Double occupancy room.
Three seater
Fig.4 - Triple occupancy room.
Three seater
Fig.5 -Also Triple occupancy room.

Please note the following :
  1. We are working on allocation of rooms for the applicants. It should be ready by 12th December.
  2. We think we should be able to accommodate all those who asked for campus accommodation. So, wait for a few days.
  3. You will be able to check into your rooms from 27th January and can leave on the 3rd February.

Option 2: Hotel Accommodation

If you prefer not to stay on the campus, there are a few hotels in the neighbourhood of the University where you could book a room. The rooms could cost something between 1140 to 4000 INR (14 to 48 euros) per day. The bookings will have to be done by you.

Here is a list of hotels near the university as found on trip advisor:


Option 3:Guest House accommodation outside the UoH Campus

We have contacted another residential campus near UoH where we may be able to book a few rooms. These may be comparable to the rooms in the University of Hyderabad campus in cost and in the facilities offered. Once we have a confirmation from them, we will update you with more details on this. We will need this only if we have exhausted the campus accommodation.

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